Who we are.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is driven by the purpose of providing you with maximal oversight and full safety, by delivering the perfect software for your flight operations. We want to achieve that by being close to our customers and develop new modules according to their wishes.

The big advantage of Flight Ops software being developed by aviation experts results in a state of the art product. By constantly expanding the scope of the software, based on customer feedback and market development, your operations are always up to date and they meet your CAA’s requirements.

Moreover we are convinced that Business Aviation and Airline operations have a lot in common. Therefore we aim to integrate the best aspects of both operations in our software.

– Michael Anklin

Meet the Team

Michael Anklin

Michael Anklin



Daniel Käslin

CEO (since 2010)


Grit Schaff

Client project manager

Iago Carmuega

Iago Carmuega

Technology consultant

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