Training of crew members? No problem.

Postholder Crewtraining

Training Check Validity

Each staff can have multiple functions. Depending on the function different checks must be done – some of them are type related, some are type independent. The Training Check Validity Module tracks all these checks to be done. In case the staff changes the position or new checks must be done, it can be done by a few clicks and the new training requirements are recalculated.

The system gives an overview of those checks, which have to be done in the future. After a check has been completed, the check confirmation can be added to each individual check. This helps in the quality process to retrieve the relevant documentation. After inserting a check date the system calculates automatically the new validity date. With this system human mistakes can be avoided and expensive training is optimized.

A new employee base sheet will be sent automatically to the employee for the Authority in case of a SAFA check.

In addition performance reports can be added to track the individual Crewmember performance. In case of an expired check the system will drop an alert. This Module is not only for flight crew, it can be used for other staff.

Training Course Planning

This Module generates a graphical overview for initial or recurrent training. All upcoming courses are displayed for further processing. The system assists the user by sending course invitations plus the relevant documentation to the staff, training providers and instructors. The post course documentation can be handled very easily.