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Postholder Flight Operations

Airport Categorization

According to JAR OPS 1 every airport you are flying to must be categorized. As the airport category depends on the type of aircraft, the Operator can define different aircraft categories and add each aircraft to one of these categories. If a new flight is entered as an option or confirmed flight, a task will appear to categorize this airport in case it has not been categorized before.

Additional notes can be added by the Flight OPS Manager and shown on the briefing. In addition crews may print the categorization list for their aircraft type. Publishing of a new list in case of a new airport is not anymore necessary.

A document can be added to each airport for the evaluation process. With this system the chain of the evaluation is closed and compliancy to JAR OPS 1 is granted.


According to OPS1 each airport used as suitable airport for “ETOPS” or “non ETOPS” operation shall approved as such from the Flight OPS Manager. He/She may select approved airports and enter the minimum increments. Dispatch may select the planned ETOPS alternates for each flight. Minimums are shown for the selected airport.

Flight Crews can print the actual ETOPS list with the respective minima. ETOPS airports with the applicable minima will be printed on the briefing. The quality process of using only approved ETOPS alternates is therefore granted.

Duty Regulation

Multiple different duty regulations can be configured. They are based on the aircraft. No further inputs are needed such as extended Crew.

The Flight OPS Manager can change the regulations.

An alert or warning will be triggered in case of a violation. Crews can see individual warnings and other defined staff can see alerts and warnings for all crewmembers.

Cosmic Radiation

Calculates the cosmic radiation according JAR OPS1 for each Crewmember and alerts in case of getting close to the limit.

DOR (Daily Operation Report)

During daily operation different abnormalities may occur. This Module defines different categories of occurrences. The occurrences can be easily recorded. The Management can create reports over a defined period. In addition a daily E‐Mail report is generated with flown flights, cancelled flights and occurrences.

Flight Documents Storage

Flight Crews may scan and upload their flight documents.

Handling Feedback

Crews can give feedback about the handling according your defined questionnaire. Statistics can be printed and graphical trends are generated.

Airport Information

Different categories can be defined. This module is a crew information tool. Each crewmember can add useful information about an airport, country or region. This information will be sent with the briefing or can be viewed.


Different statistics including graphical statistics about flight hours, staff etc. can be generated. All statistics can be directly exported into an EXCEL file for further processing.