Keep track of sales.


Crew Feedback

The post flight data can be entered by the crew, as well as passenger and other relevant information about the flight. Entries are different for flight and cabin crew. Also check‐in and check‐out times are automatically calculated and can be edited in case they are different than set as default. This allows a real‐time Duty Control. (see Duty Regulation)

In addition, information from the services used and aircraft status messages will be entered. The Crew may enter catering feedbacks after each flight, future caterings can be adapted according to the collected feedback.

Pax Management

One of the most important objectives of a business aviation operator is to look after their passengers. This Module stores all passenger information. It is essential to know the clients preferences, relations to other passengers and other important information. Small details, such as a wine preference, favorite color, music wishes or room temperature could make the difference in order to provide an excellent service.

Different categories can be defined. The passenger information can be forwarded via Crew post flight module, including predefined information about the flight. You can easily access the passenger preferences, preferred aircraft, personal assistance and preferred crews.

This information will be automatically sent to the Crew before a flight, to arrange catering and other relevant arrangements.

To guarantee confidentiality you can limit access time and and information, so the crew will only see the relevant information for a defined period. This allows them to arrange everything according the passenger profile, without even seeing the name.

A reminder flag can be set for passenger birthdays. The system will send an e-mail to the account manager who can act according to the company policy.


Catering feedbacks from Crews can be monitored and catering invoices can be added to the flight. Crews can add new catering companies. In the Catering Module stored companies can be reviewed and added to the catering list.

DOR (Daily Operation Report)

During daily operation different abnormalities may occur. This Module defines different categories of occurrences. The occurrences can be easily recorded. The Management can create reports over a defined period. In addition a daily E‐Mail report is generated with flown flights, cancelled flights and occurrences.

BizFlight Tools

This Module allows moving trip legs from one trip to another including all Crews and post flight data. Some sales statistics are also incorporated.

Revenue Forecast

You can insert sales forecast for each month. Define on each day of the month the revenue in percentage of the monthly target. After installing the status software in the local network you will see different colors for different trigger levels of the reached target.

Owner View

Generates a login for aircraft owners. Aircraft schedule and actual position is displayed. If you are using the receipt module owners may see approved invoices.


Crews can add receipts to certain cost centers, aircrafts or flights. The accounting department can approve them with only one click. As you can select different payment methods the cash refund or the controlling of credit card invoice can be accomplished in a very efficient way. To get your costs under control you may generate different report such as the cost of a flight or a trip.


To have an overview of your stock on board you can create different types of inventory lists. For example alcohol list, spare part list, tool list etc. The module stores information such as expiry dates or part numbers. An empty stock is detected easily, because an automated alarm will be triggered. Moreover inventory can be rated.